Why use a reverse phone look up services?

I don’t mind saying it – I like knowing who is calling before I answer the phone! In fact, in the weekend, I rarely pick up my cell phone if I don’t know who it is. I am sure, like most of you, I consider it important to know who’s calling me. More so, having a missed call from an unknown number can be even more annoying.

I hate unknown numbers!

I went on a weekend break recently, and after coming back on Sunday, I had several missed calls from an unknown number. This is not a regular occurrence as I do not give out my number very often. So I tried calling back the number and could not get through. I found it very frustrating and my curiosity got the best of me, so I hit the Internet to find out who had been trying to call me.

My quest for a solution …

I tried several free websites but I couldn’t find out who had called me, and that’s when I found my solution.

While most of us understand the basic premise of a phone number search, we don’t necessarily understand what a reverse phone search is. Instead of searching for a phone number using a person’s name, you can enter a phone number to find out whom it is associated with. While this search has been around for some time in terms of landlines, a reverse search can now also be used with mobile numbers. So whoever is calling, you can now find out who it is.

So why pay for a solution that is out there for free?

While free services are useful, the tracing service I have discovered lets you dig deeper into the information that is displayed in a traditional telephone directory or lookup service. Therefore the results you get are much better.

I don’t want to pay for a service that I can get for free

I don’t either; however, sometimes real value comes with a price tag.  However, if you’re really reluctant to pay for a reverse lookup service, then read on for some tips, otherwise move on to the next section.

The quickest and easiest way is to simply Google the number, which can give some good immediate results. However, be aware that as with all free services, this can be limited and you may end up paying after wasting valuable time.

You could also try free searches such at the White Pages, but you may find it difficult to find mobile phone numbers using such free services as they are generally not listed on a free directory – but worth a try though, in case the number has been transferred from a landline to a cell phone (this is called porting). Please note that many people choose to have an unlisted phone number, making it harder to track down who’s been calling you. This would make free services such as the White Pages less useful. But by all means, if you’re on a budget, do try these methods.

So what if I want to pay for a more reliable service?

Paid reverse number searches are the most reliable way to lookup cell phone numbers; the only catch is they are not free. Some charge a fee for every search you perform, while others are based on either a monthly subscription or allow you unlimited searches for a onetime fee.

I have trawled the internet for the best service, and I can safely say that eVerify is the best service.