Been Verified Reviews – Is BeenVerified The Best Criminal Records Check?

I’d like to introduce the service I personally use to look up criminal records, which is Been Verified, and offer you the chance of gaining a seven day unlimited use free trial. Please note that this is a review of the service I have found to be most effective, I encourage you to read on, but should you wish to go directly to their official website, please click below.

Full Been Verified review

I’ve come across a fair few situations where I wondered what someone’s background was and whether I should investigate whether they have a criminal record.

Some of the questions you may have:

“A new neighbour moved in, does he have a criminal record?”

“I’ve hired a new nanny, should we do a background check on her?”

Has my partner been married previously?

And my all-time favourite – who’s the guy dating my daughter!?

Is BeenVerified The Best Tool To Look Up Criminal Records?

been verified reviews

It is essential to find a good, reliable service so that you can perform criminal record checks immediately, without hassle. I therefore took it upon myself to review the many programs out there. The one I found that had the best feedback and provided the greatest service to determine someone’s criminal background was BeenVerified. In fact that’s the main reason I chose to test them in the first place, as such an offer shows confidence in their own product, and you get to search criminal records as many times as you want during this trial.

Many services provide nationwide searches, but I found that this background search service gives you access to the largest database, which is  over 1 billion records nationwide, which includes access to:

  • over 3500 County court records
  • more than thirty years of address histories from countless sources
  • over 250 Country arrest records
  • 50 State Appellate court records
  • Nationwide court records
  • over 300 million criminal records
  • 50 State sexual offender records
  • over 100 Federal and over 500 State prison data
After doing various criminal record searches, I was astounded by how easy it was to perform a background check with this service. It is almost scary to see how fast you can uncover a criminal history, or even find out someone’s background.


Customer Reviews

A main concern with the other services reviewed were their testimonials. They were either non existent or not that promising. With this service, I was truly impressed by the amount and quality of feedback from users. For example, one was from a retired police officer, who states the following: “let me tell you that the information that you have you could only access if you were in law enforcement. This is truly revolutionary that people can check criminal records online.”

Another testimonial, which reflect my view is “To be honest I am always  skeptical of these   investigative sites on the  net and I was duped a few times. Your site has real records and not a bunch of links to other sites.” These are good to hear, since many of these services are scams and seek to defraud users. This service however is reliable, and has been around for some time.

Of course, there are some negatives with this service, the main one being that the information is limited to around 90% of US residents. This means 10% of people cannot be found, but to be completely honest, it’s unlikely to affect the average user. My understanding is that this is due to records not being available anyway.

I have yet to test out their customer service, which they claim is a 24/7 service, but have no doubt to question this based on what I have seen. So if you have any Been Verified complaints, you’re likely to find the support you need.

Verdict – Should You Use It?

Overall, I really think this is the best service out there to look up arrest records and perform other different searches on people. This may not be a complete alternative for hiring a private investigator for a full dossier on a persons movements, but using this service will most likely save you money. No more being duped by a fraudulent business partner or being wide open to litigation for hiring an employee with a violent criminal history.

While I highly recommend this for businesses (large and small), I recommend it even more for individuals, the uses range from property searches to background searches on prospective dates, carers, teachers, nannies to name just a few.

I really hope you have found this review useful. I highly recommend that you see for yourself why I have awarded them to be the best criminal background search out there, both for businesses and individuals.

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