Inteligator Review | Is Inteligator Useful Or Is It A Scam?

I’ve read so many mixed Inteligator reviews online, that I decided to write my own. Some customers say the service works great, other customers say it’s a scam. There certainly are plenty of complaints about this criminal background check service. I hope to clarify all of this, and give you a clear recommendation on whether this is a good service or not.

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What I Found Out

Despite the many complaints, I did find out that this service is real. It’s not some kind of scam and they won’t steal your money. It’s actually been around for some time, but having said all that, it certainly won’t make the list of our best criminal background check services. While it’s a real website and service, the data it returns seems highly inaccurate and incomplete. This makes this service not very useful.

The Pros

Inteligator ReviewThe website gives you access to 1 billion records, which certainly is impressive. In the picture on the right, you’ll see the exact breakdown of databases and gives you a clear picture of the kind of data it can report back to the user.

The best part of this website is that its service is unlimited. So you perform as many searches as you want, as opposed to being limited and paying for each search separately. This does mean however that there is a monthly fee associated with this account.

The services offered include:

  1. Unlimited Criminal Searches
  2. Unlimited Inmate Searches
  3. Unlimited Background Searches
  4. Unlimited People Searches
  5. Unlimited Sex Offender Searches
  6. Unlimited Phone Investigations

So as you can see, the six services are impressive. If you want to give it a try, go for it, as they do offer a free trial subscription for a few days. However I highly recommend you select one of our top rated websites reviewed on this website. You’ll get a cheaper and better service, and will actually get much more accurate and new information.

The Cons

The website is dated and hasn’t been updated since I first looked at Intelligator several years ago. This makes me wonder whether the systems and software is out of date as well. This would explain the poor results this service is providing. Many of the customer reviews and testimonials we investigated complained about incomplete or inaccurate data being reported back. This point alone has made me decide not to do a very detailed review of Inteligator, since the most important point of a background check is the quality of the date you can find.


We’re not recommending this website. If you’re looking to conduct a background check, I have recommended several on this website, which do a much better job. While Inteligator does offer several functions other services do not, I really do not think this makes up for the low quality results we received. If you need more information on this service, then the official Intelligator website can be found here.