Do You Need a Background Check On a Date?

Let’s face it, the world is full of creeps. Whether you meet someone online or through a friend, or even the old-fashioned way – on a night out, how much do you really know about a person? While most people are not dangerous, there’s plenty of horror stories out there to convince us that a criminal background check on a date is vital – especially if they are a stranger.

Why perform a criminal background check on a date?

background check online datingPerforming a criminal background check on the person you might start dating is essential. Your date might have a criminal background that he or she is keeping from you. Would you really meet that person if they had a history of domestic violence? Would you even consider meeting the guy you met on an online dating website if you knew he had been in jail for sexual assault? Well, by doing a criminal background check you can find out exactly what kind of criminal history someone has and more.

Even if your date has no criminal history, how about confirming he marital status. How many guys lie about being married? It takes just one to make a background check more than worthwile before meeting someone on a date.

How to perform a criminal background check on a date?

So now that you’re convinced you need to do a background check before going on a date, let’s find out how to actually do a full background check. The good news is, a background check has become incredibly easy to do online. An online background check can be free or very cheap, and easy and fast.

The easiest option for a criminal background check is to hire a professional service. There are lots of background check agencies online – some good, some very bad. When looking for an online background check agency beware of scammers. We personally do not recommend using an online background check agency. Instead we recommend you perform the background check yourself.

There’s plenty of online background check services, again some good, some outright scams.

Is there such a thing as a free background check on an online date?

Yes there is – but with all things, free only gets you so far. You could Google his/her name, even search on Facebook and look for any red flags. In addition most court records are public record. The problem here is that you would need to check each state the person has lived in separately, so this can take a while, and how do you know where he/she has lived before your state? Once you determine the states, you’d want to dig down to the county and city level.

So yes, you can get a free online background check, but I would sleep tighter if I had a real background check service do the hard work for me – this is likely to give you a more complete history on the person.

Which online background check service to use on a date?

There’s plenty of different online background check services on the Internet, many of these background check websites have been reviewed and tested on this website. Feel free to browse around and find one that best matches your needs, but right now, the best online background check service is Instant Checkmate

We recommend you check them out. In fact, using this link you’ll get a free online background check out of them. You would only pay for additional background checks.